Live Demonstration Area

Since 2009, law enforcement companies have been able to present their products live on the Demonstration Area. The response of the trade visitors was extremely positive and the exhibitors were able to generate added value for their booth.

We offered the exhibitors of IWA OutdoorClassics in cooperation with NürnbergMesse the following:

  • A cost-effective way to demonstrate your products live.
  • Free stage and technology on the presentation area
  • Interested and qualified trade visitors.
  • Targeted advertising measures by NürnbergMesse for the Demonstration Area (Internet, posters, flyers, press relations, etc.)

The exhibitors had the opportunity to present their products live, for 20 minutes every day, with a practical demonstration and with as much “action” as possible. With these presentations, Visitors received a compact and illustrative presentation of how the products work in everyday life.

Our main tasks are the acquisition of the participants, the customer support before and during the event, the organization and implementation, as well as the stand construction of the DemoArea with stage and seating, and the adjoining Catering Area “Target Café”.