Trade press

In 2001, we developed a concept for specialist press stands and implemented them in Nuremberg. Trade press stands allow publishers to offer their magazines to trade fair visitors free of charge in order to advertise their magazine. At the same time, the organizer benefits from counter sales, which are displayed in the respective trade journal.

Reason of the concept:

  • Savings in the advertising budget through better and more counter-transactions with publishers. High-quality presentation of the journals within the framework of the trade press stand.
  • Better customer loyalty.
  • Uniform concept to use synergy effects.


  • Develop a concept in which publishers can present themselves in a very high quality way without exceeding the costs of system construction.
  • Stand construction must be consistent across all events and easily adapt to any stand space.
  • Despite variable use, the stand must be designed so that a recognition effect is always guaranteed.
  • The trade press stand must address the trade visitor to register as many contacts as possible at the trade press stand.
  • Messe’s own staff should be almost completely relieved. A complete solution is needed. Starting with the queries of publishers, possibly invoicing, if publishers want a delivery against invoice, to magazines storage and retrieval and the planning, construction and support of the trade press stand.

We have developed a concept that allows trade fair visitors to linger longer at the trade press stand, thus ensuring that the titles of the publishers are perceived in the best possible way.

For example, with the slogan News & Coffee ©, there is the opportunity to take a magazine as a visitor, drink a cappuccino and to speak to our hostess, who is on site, should you have questions about the magazine.

The walls that we use, which due to their design can be placed in all imaginable formations, it is possible to fulfil all sorts of requirements, regardless of whether it is a trade fair stand with entertainment, with Internet Café or with rest area. Regardless of whether it is a 200m² trapezoidal block stand or a simple 35m² row stand. Everything is possible! (See pictures)

The cabinets are specially designed for this purpose, for the storage and presentation of the magazines, and were additionally provided with a structure matching the walls. The design of the cabinets makes it possible to store a large number of titles and magazines. Since there is always a sample copy behind an acrylic plate, publishers are guaranteed that their title will be visible to visitors throughout the entire duration of the trade fair. The advertising effect is guaranteed, even if the magazine is already out of stock.

Also, the acceptance of the magazines is with us, the control of the goods receipt, storage until the beginning of the event, the outsourcing to the respective press stands is completely ours. In addition, we set up the stand, making all agreements with GLOBAL Werbeagentur and / or NürnbergMesse and ensuring competent support during the runtime at the stand.

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This is a completely new concept, which is unique in Europe! But see for yourself and form your own judgment: