Diamond Spirits Award

In 2019, we decided to launch a new spirits award: The Diamond Spirits Award.

Together with our partners

  • Publisher W. Sachon GmbH+Co. KG
  • Vetro Due srl (VDGlass)
  • International Spirits Advisors Ltd.

We will set a new standard in the tasting and evaluation of spirits this year. With a jury of international judges and using state-of-the-art technologies, we not only rate your noble spirit objectively, but also measure the emotions that are triggered by your spirits. This digitally measured emotion, which your drink triggers, flows into the final evaluation of your alcoholic beverage.

Here, all submitted spirits, without selling pressure, tasted by our Jury together with the visitors, free of charge, to then determine the favourite spirit through a survey. The most coveted drink receives the Diamond Spirits Award – Consumer award.

Participants can submit spirits in 6 main categories and 18 sub-categories.

In each category, we evaluate according to recognized international standards for the evaluation of spirits and liqueurs.

After pre-determined scores, one or even more than one or none of the spirits can reach gold / silver / bronze.

  • Diamond: overall winner within a top category
  • Gold: 100 – 94
  • Silver: 93 – 87
  • Bronze: 86 – 80
  • No award: 79 and less

However, the coveted Diamond Award can only be won by the Spirit with the highest score from all subcategories of the respective top category.

Interested in participating? Registration under:


Here you will find all information as well as the required registration documents!